We are Valhalla.

We are a group of oldschool osu! enthusiasts. We make our eyes suffer as cute anime girls are dancing for us when we are trying to click circles, just like old days. Our project is a tribute to all interesting looking videos and storyboards from the past that have been forgotten completely due the community dimming out everything. We are playing them as they should be played - storyboard and video on, old skins and no dimming at all.

First and foremost, this project exists because it is fun for us. We enjoy these maps and everything that comes with them. For many of us, it's also a case of nostalgy, a memory of times long past. We hope to introduce this forgotten side of the game to more people, so they can also appreciate what was all but forgotten.

Our plays are done with older clients since the current client does no longer support combo fire which used to be a big part of the game. We hope that this project would inspire someone to make oldschool mod in osu!lazer so there wouldn't be any need for old client usage.

Where does Valhalla come from? Back in the day there was a tradition in osu!forum's Off-Topic section where all high quality threads were given a pin. We also called this pinned section as "Valhalla". It is a good reminder of those good old days.

Welcome to Valhalla.